The New York Pass
Brand Identity

Mission together with Leisure Pass North America created a major success story — The New York Pass. Since 2001 this sightseeing product has brought over two million people from all over the world to see New York attractions.

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The Client

In 2000 Leisure Pass North America, a New York based company acquired the rights to operate The New York Pass, a pre purchased smart card that gains visitors entry to attractions providing the visitor with large savings.


Brand Identity / E-commerce / Online marketing / Literature / Multi-language Site / iOS and Android Apps / CMS / Analysis & Reporting Tools

brand banner

The Objective

Mission developed and launched the original branding, literature and e-commerce website in 2001 with all online marketing was undertaken by US based practitioners. Sales were underperforming land had become static by 2007. Mission knowing there was a strong demand for the product successfully pitched to take control of the online marketing and improve sales.

brand website

The Solution

Mission rebuilt the website and translated it into 6 languages, built iOS and Android Apps with language options. We generated strong paid search campaigns and joined affiliate sales programs.

We also designed and produced all promotional and display graphics, all advertising placements including videos, sales and user guide literature including language guidebooks.

Within a year Mission had increased sales by 300%. The following ten years saw a rapid growth in sales and make The New York Pass the number one product in a very competitive market.