Purfleet Centre Regeneration Project
Brand Identity / E-Commerce

Urban Catalyst asked Mission to design and build a community engagement tool for the Purfleet Centre Regeneration Project. Purfleet on the north bank of the Thames is a town with a strong royal naval history and commercial trade built on the close proximity to the river. Urban Catalyst have brought together investors and developers to revitalise the town by creating a thriving community of mixed housing, business and open spaces.

brand banner

The Client

Developers Urban Catalyst are established urban regeneration specialists with an impressive record of revitalising many city districts in the UK.


Brand Identity Development / Website / Presentation


The Objective

To develop a distinctive brand to represent the development, build an online platform that would house the collective vision of local stakeholders and Thurrock Council which are at the very heart of this project. The intelligence gained from the community via this website would mature the vision and transformation of Purfleet.


The Solution

Mission designed and built the engagement platform with many features including historical, planning and timeline content, news updates, social media feeds and an open comment forum. The site has been embraced by the community and has provided a valuable communication link for the developers.