Digital Solutions

The AdMission entry system was created by Mission to cater for a need from our clients to provide a reliable, fast, secure and economical ticketing and entry system for commercial buildings, transport and other uses.

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The Client

We created AdMission for various client applications, our system can be easily and quickly adapted to a multitude of uses.


Digital Solutions / Entry System / Analysis & Reporting Tools


The Objective

To created a bespoke, reliable and adaptable entry system, designed to improve customer experience and also integrate with sales and other performance data to provide real-time reporting and trends.


The Solution

The system comprises of multiple scanning options at the point of entry, from mobile apps to a web app for EPOS systems and dedicated scanning hardware. It can also integrate directly with existing entry systems via its API to provide total flexibility.

The API also allows for integrations into existing CRM and analysis systems and provides realtime data access. This is in addition to very comprehensive backend management tools.