FCO Hospitality Booking
Digital Solutions

Mission were selected to undertake the modernisation of the hospitality booking service used by staff and officials at HM Foreign & Commonwealth Office, as it was then known.

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The Client

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office, now Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office is a ministry in Her Majesty’s Government that pursues national interests and projects the UK as a force for good in the world. It promotes the interests of British Citizens, safeguards the UK’s security, defends UK’s values, reduces poverty and tackles global challenges with international partners.


Online Ordering Facility / Bespoke Payment Systems / Content Management / Analysis and Reporting


The Objective

Replace an antiquated manual ordering facility with an online system that would provide an efficient and effective service for both the hospitality providers and FCO users. Integrate new facility with Government procurement card and budget code system.

The Solution

A comprehensive exploration of the project involving extensive discussions with FCO their hospitality service providers and the banks for both parties gave Mission a complete understanding of the e-commerce facility required. Mission’s complex integration with the procurement card and FCO budget and accounting systems were key to the project success.

Originally built in 2006 we have continuously updated and modernised the system throughout it’s life, and it’s still going strong today.